7 Social Media Mistakes I made & How I Correct Them?

How important is social media is in our real life as well as our blog? We know that very well. When it comes to our blog we believe that more social share is more traffic and backlinks & sales. Yes! That’s true. But not everybody gets that. Because we do so many mistakes to share our posts on different Social Media sites..!!

Social Media Mistakes

How important are Social Media Mistakes, No doubt that we must share our valuable posts to Social to get our posts to Socialize? Because of Simple Reasons like:

  • We can get some Traffic
  • Get some Backlinks which is important for SEO
  • Different search Engines also get your social links to display the search Query.
  • Get some Subscribers and followers which help us to write more Unique post.
  • Get notified by some bloggers in our niche
  • Get some valuable comments.. & Much more!

We use social media networks like:

  • Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for get instant backlink via our Profile or fan pages.
  • Submit our post in Raising Social media sites like STumbleUpon and Reddit for Instant hit.
  • Use Bookmarking sites like Digg and Delicious for better get a better backlink.
  • Use Hootsuite or Buffer for shoulder to share our post in different times.

If we use social media frequently and properly then it helps to generate more traffic from search engines. But the main problem is we don’t know How and when..!! Especially for Newbie bloggers, they don’t know it very well so that they just fall down and quit blogging.

Here are some Mistakes that I do and How I Correct them:

No Social Pages about my blog

Social Media Mistakes 1, After creating this blog I nervy know about what is blogging about.. So that I also don’t know about the Social Media fan pages. When I know about this I immediately make a page on different Social Media Sites like a Facebook fan page, Twitter & Google+ page.

These are the primary pillars that every blog should have.

Why we need a fan page?

  • Our readers should know about our blog.
  • Better online Visibility.
  • We can share our blog post there so that get instant backlinks.
  • After share in our fan page, the person who like our page can know about our latest posts.
  • We can arrange different Giveaways.
  • We can communicate each other & Much more..

Here is the list of Social Media sites to be Create our Fan page:

  • Facebook fan page.
  • Twitter custom name page
  • Custom Google+ Page
  • Custom StumbleUpon Page
  • Custom Pinterest Pin board for Pinning your images.
  • Different Bookmarking sites..

How I Resolve it?

First of all, I add or create some custom fan pages about my blog name so that we can create some online visibility, instant backlink, and some traffic.

It’s also more important to update it regularly!!

Add all Social Media buttons in Blog

Social Media Mistakes 2, Let’s back to the old days. When I know that Social media is a very important role in the generation of the traffic of your blog.

So I think that if there are a minimum of 8 social sites and if I get 10 visitors from each then I get 80 visitors in my blog.

Then I start adding different social media Plugins for maximum share!!

But. unfortunately, I am WRONG!

I just ignore the problem I create by adding some social media plugins like:

  • My blog is slow and very slow.. because lots social buttons means more loading time to load the buttons..
  • A decrease of Google Ranking ASAP because of Slow loading speed.
  • 10k – 20k loss of Alexa ranking within a week.
  • No more social share happen in my blog.
  • Its irritate to my readers!

How I Correct this?

One day I visit my blog as a reader to review my blog and some post that my post can help or not.

After the review, I found all the above mistakes.. and learn some lessons?:

  • Never add more hen One Social Media Buttons in your blog because it slow your blog performance.
  • Only use trusted plugins otherwise you can suffer the attack by malware.
  • Never use the plugins which have too many social buttons.
  • Only use the buttons that your visitors like to share..

I explain my last point.

I get some more share on LinkedIn and Facebook than compared to Twitter, stumble. And regular readers pin my images.

So I decided that use a plugin that can complete my dream and I use “Social Share by Genesis” which is made for Genesis Framework.

Here you can read the Review of Genesis Framework and Here the Giveaway!

Here are some different plugins which sure help you like:

Genesis Simple Share 

Genesis Simple Share is made for only Genesis Framework powered Child themes. It just look beautiful.

Genesis Simple Shar Features:

  • Beautiful icons.
  • Premium Quality feeling.
  • Two different style options available.
  • Facebook, Twitter, G+, ST and Linkedin network icons available.
  • Can show Posts, Pages, Attachment or in landing pages also & Much more.

KK Social Share

KK Social share plugin made for the blogs only. You can find the reason behind it HERE!

KK Social share Features:

  • 4 Social Share icons there.
  • Social Counter also display.
  • Very Light Weight & Much more..


Shareaholic easiest, most effective way to grow your website traffic, effectively engage your audience, monetize, and gain insights for free.

Shareaholic Features:

  • Share Buttons
  • Affiliate Linking – earn revenue from your existing product links with zero additional effort
  • Post-Share Follow Buttons
  • Floating Share Buttons
  • Shareable Images (Pinterest “pin it” button for images)
  • Related Content & Much more..

Easy Social Plugin

Easy Social share plugin you can find in Codecanyon. It’s basically a Premium plugin and completed 7100+ sales.

Easy Social share Features:

  • Beautiful icons more then 9+ style.
  • 20 social networks, Love this button, More button, Print & Email share.
  • Premium Quality feeling.
  • Social Matrix also available
  • Counter option also there & Much more..

Share all posts in Social Media DAILY!

Social Media Mistakes 3, This is the suicide mistake I do in the past… I share at least 2-3 posts on daily basis then I know about the problems I create.

Too many posts are shared daily so that it is like an ugly feeling.

  • No one is want to get too many daily share and they gonna bore.
  • A decrease in my followers.
  • Getting some negative reviews also..
  • A lots of unfollow in my Facebook, twitter pages..

But it’s not that you can’t share.. Share one or two posts every day in your Facebook and other fan pages. So that your followers can notify.. not 10-15 posts!

Always share valuable posts and write the benefits that the user can get with a surprise factor!

Here I get some data from buffer about the best day to post in different social media profiles for maximum views.

How I Correct it?

I use to serve 1 post on other days and 2 posts on weekend holidays which I saw some improvements in my blog as well as my fan pages.

Posting Articles on Social Media where they not related to our niche!

Social Media Mistakes 4, What we know? More people in our community or in a group, if we share our post there then we get more traffic. WRONG!!

Let’s back to basics. Groups are basically good for traffic generation.. but knowing where to share is also an important factor.

Our content should share there; where people know about that content value.

Let if we write content about WordPress plugin and we share two groups like one are WordPress and the other is Web design.

Although we have fewer people in the WordPress Plugin group we can get more traffic from the Web Design group because in the WordPress group the people know what you share there, but in web design, they are not!

How I correct it?

I find some groups that the engaged people are active and know the value of your content.

If you share in nonvaluable groups then you lose your brand and loss some important time also. So, I post some select groups on Facebook and google+ so that I can get fewer numbers but important traffic in my blog.

Don’t have any Engagement Strategy!

Social Media Mistakes 5, I don’t respond to any reply that I get my post after sharing anywhere! I just know that only share.. share.. share and share… That is the big mistake I don’t so far.

There is a lot of conversation that happens in social media so, when someone asks something about in your blog or in the comment section or in the social media comment section then reply to them. It can save some valuable traffic.

Too many Profiles on Same Social Media Sites for More Promotion!

Social Media Mistakes 6, This is the dumb idea I apply…

To get more followers and shares I create more profiles on the same social and bookmarking sites.. to increase my visibility for my posts but I totally end up with nothing..!

It can work but only one or two subscribers and follows..!

How I correct it?

I get the problem. The problem is I divide my all energy to share different social media profiles and my follows are also divided.

So, I decided to go and focus on one official account and promote it. And surprisingly I get more and better results than the previous one. At least my follows and subscribers can’t decide with different profiles and can’t get their answers.

Not Using Social Media Management Tools!

Social Media Mistakes 7, Yes! There are so many social media management tools available online which not only save your time to share in different social and bookmarking sites at one but also we can shoulder our post to a time that where we can share!

Before it, I use to submit a lot of time to submit my profiles to different sites.

How I correct it?

I start using buffer and Hootsuite that can available also for free! In both buffer and Hootsuite, we can submit our posts on different sites at once! which was saves a lot of time!!

Here I got some data again from the buffer that tell the best or ideal length of a social media post like:

  • Twitter – 71 to 100 characters
  • Facebook – 40 characters
  • Google+ headlines – 60 characters
  • LinkedIn – 25 words

Over To You

This is the mistake I find out only for this time and I correct it … If you also face this problem then correct it immediately!

And what are the mistakes you do and how do you correct them..?? Share it with us in below comment section…

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