Best Yoga Mats 2021

Best Yoga mats are a must-have for every fitness enthusiast. Although the name says “Yoga” mat, you can use these for every fitness exercise at home or outdoor in the park at your favorite Spot.

You can do stretching, bodyweight exercises and of course yoga on them without standing or laying on the hard ground, but still having a stable and safe subfloor.

I am using them since the beginning of my fitness passion and never got any problems with my joints or my back.

Now I am going to present you with my favorite and best yoga mats.

TOPLUS Best Yoga Mat


This is one of my favorite mats (72 x 24 inch, 6mm thick) because of its special non-slip surface which prevents it from gliding while doing some more explosive exercise like jumping squats or push-ups with claps.

Its TPE material is also tear-resistant and very durable. Additionally, it is also eco-friendly since there are no PVC or metallic parts in it.

You will not have to worry about the hygienic of the mat because it is waterproof so you can just wipe the sweat away after hard training.

BalanceFrom Best Yoga Mat

BalanceFrom Yoga Mat

This yoga mat (71 x 24 inches) is very good for people with joint or back problems. With a thickness of ½ inch, it damps the hard ground and spares your joints while doing your workouts.

It has a double-sided anti-slip feature to prevent you from injuries and is very easy to clean after your workout.

Additionally, you will get a strap for the transport and storage of the mattress.

Heathyoga Mat

Heathyoga mat

This is a special yoga (72 x 26 inches, 6 mm thick) mat for people who are actually interested in doing yoga besides fitness. This mat has a special body alignment system printed on it to help you focusing and adjusting your hands and feet to the accurate position and to keep your body in proper alignment.

It has a special “diamond” shaped surface to give you more grip for your hands and feet and an anti-slip surface to prevent the mat from slipping on the ground.

It is also made from TPE, more eco-friendly and anti-tearing material to give it extra-long durability.

Gaiam Best Yoga Mat

Gaiam Yoga Mat

This is a foldable mat that is perfect for people who travel a lot or just like to practice their workouts at other places like in the park or at the beach. You can fold this mat from a 68 x 25 inch large to a 12 x 10-inch small mat. Folded, it suits perfectly in a bag to take it with you to your next workout place. You can also take it to work to make a small mobility exercise at the break. The imagination of your next workout place knows no limit.

With this mat, you also get a lifetime guarantee, so if it breaks you can just send it back and get a new one, and additionally, you get a free yoga class with this mat.


Can you use a yoga mat or gymnastics?

Yes, you can use a yoga mat for gymnastics it might hurt a little because they are usually thin.

When would one use a Gaian mat?

A Gaiam mat is typically used for Yoga practices. The Gaiam mat is placed on the ground in front of the participant before yoga stretches and practices begin.

Can a gym mat be used for yoga, or do you need to have a yoga-specific mat?

Yes, you can, Or you have another option is that you can buy an Exercise mat for the same purpose. there is nothing different between them just about Quality and the materials. For both Yoga and Exercise, we need a Non-slip Yoga mat that will prevent us from harm during practice.

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