5 Epic Ways To Get Quality Backlinks And Traffic for Free

We know the Real value of Backlinks in this Blogging World. Now Google also considers Quality Backlink in their Search Query.

Get Quality Backlinks

Get Quality Backlinks from blogs, that not only create Awesome and quality backlinks, but also have better Alexa Rank, DA & PageRank.

More Backlinks mean more Search Engine Referrals which leads to more traffic and more traffic means more Readers and sales. But we know some common ways to get more backlinks, but here we know about some EPIC ways to Get Quality Backlinks!

Know the Basic Backlinks:

We know about the “No-follow” and “Do-follow” tags. Right?

First, we should consider making Quality Backlinks from the “Do-follow” tag. Because if you have some “No-follow” tag backlinks then it will be considered a backlink but it does not have the value what “Do-follow” links have!

Let’s consider you have a backlink from a blog and its have a “No-follow” tag. And others have a “Do-follow” tag. When Search Engine bots like Google, Bing, Yandex, etc come to index the blog, they found a “No-follow” tag then they ignore the link but if they found some “Do-follow” links then they visit the dofollow linked blog.

Thus you get more social traffic if your blog gets indexed by some Dofollow tags. I also write a topic under this You can READ HERE.

Use the Power of Bookmarking Sites

if you Get Quality Backlinks from a High PageRank and A high DA then? Yup.. use to submit your blog post to some High Bookmarking site like:

Just Go the websites then connect with your Social Platforms like Facebook, Twitter then submit your link!

Note: When you submit your links to these websites you should consider the slight change in your Post name by which it can generate more social and search engine traffic!

Blog comment backlinks

Commenting on other successful and popular blogs from your niche is one of the best and useful tips to drive traffic to your blog. It creates the value of your blog and you also enjoy reading something unknown about your niche.

When you engage and comment on someone’s blog post then you also engage with that person and not only create value for your blog but also can drive some traffic also. Now as per I know we comment on other blogs because of a few things like:

  • Creating a personal connection
  • Build Some Quality Backlinks
  • Drive valuable Traffic
How To Find Some blog to comment?

You know, we want and also love to comment on those blogs that successfully pass some charismatics like

1/ The blog should be Active & blog frequently
2/ Should be better Alexa Rank Moz Rank and PageRank
3/ The blog should be popular your niche
4/ Which follow tags like Dofollow or Nofollow
5/ Did the blog use CommentLUV..?
6/ Blog Post should be High Quality and Help others.

Where you can find such types of blogs.?

Let you face some problems in the field of WordPress like some plugin help, installation help, content idea.. then you can search in Google and when you find the answer to your problem then you can leave a comment.

You can find or search some keywords related to your niche in CommentLUV enabled blogs.
You can search DropMyLink or CommentLUV Search Engine to search and drop valuable comments.

You can Download some Add-Ons for Firefox or Chrome like SEOQuake and MOZ bar which can help you to choose a better Authority blog to resolve your problem and you can get a quality backlink by leaving your valuable comment.

Guest Posting

You know Guest Posting is one of the best and finest ways to get some “Dofollow” backlinks. Here are some benefits of Guest blogging:

  • You can represent your blog is an Authority in this type niche
  • Help to build a online reputation
  • Get Quality Backlinks
  • Can represent your skills
  • Get targeted Subscribers
  • Targeted Traffic & much more…

But for a new blogger, it’s a hard/difficult task. Because as you are a new blogger no one is interested in you unless you have some very High-Quality post that contains above 6000+ words.

So, for that reason, you should be connected with other bloggers in Social Media like Facebook, Twitter It will be more batter if you read and share their articles and tag them and comment on their blog.

By the above way you can present your online presence and you will get your Guest post-approval faster.

You can shoot an email regarding accepting your Guest Post.

Frequently Use Social Media

You know, when we try to make our blog to the next level we forget about some basic optimization processes. We only think about making our content high quality, making sure that shareable, etc…

But we just forget about some basic things that are important for our blog. We can get easy “Dofollow” Get Quality Backlinks from them… Yeah. it’s social networks.


I am not going to tell you about the benefits of using Facebook for our blog because we all know that. But did you fill up the place where it says about your blog/website..??? It can bring some backlinks.

Some Optimization points:
  • Use Social Graph search for post your contents
  • Share different type of Groups.
  • Use HashTags (#) with some important keywords.


Twitter is another social media platform where we not only drive traffic but also engage with people also. There is a Bio section available in our Twitter profile where we can add our website links.

We can add #HashTags in our description for generating more clicks

Some Optimization points:
  • Use Social Graph for Twitter also.
  • Use Brief summaries.
  • Tag them with @username
  • Use of #HashTag


We know that LinkedIn is used for looking for a job. We can find our prospects just by involving other groups or use of Linkedin answers. also, I can add our websites that where we work now, previous can be useful to us most and we can get a backlink

Some Optimization points:
  • Fill Up all Linkedin Profile without any fear.
  • Share all your post in Linkedin.
  • Share and discuss about these post in different Groups.
  • Drop a link after help people by solving their Answers.


With blogging, we can make several tutorial videos for our Readers. I youtube there is also have a description option where we can show our website URL.

Some Optimization points:
  • Upload some videos based on your tutorials and add in your blog posts.
  • Write description and add the original link from your blog in your videos.
  • Use of #HashTags


Pinterest: It’s known for driving traffic through the images you used in your blog. Join different groups or different boards on Pinterest then pin your image there. So that you can drive traffic and share your image @ the same time.

Instagram: Instagram is widely used for selfie upload.. Different types of images you upload to promote your blog there also.

Quora: it’s based on Question and answer types similar to Yahoo Answers or Linkedin Answers. We can submit our posts with tagged some groups where the posts are linked with. We can also answer people with drop a link.

About.me: It’s known as a profile of Business Persons. You can set up your biodata just like Linkedin.
Imgur: It’s a famous image-sharing site where we can get a backlink just fill up some boxes.

Final word

What type of strategy do you use to Get Quality Backlinks? Is anything I just missed..?? Just comment below ….

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