Improve iPad Battery Life with 3 Best Tips

The iPad continues to top the charts as one of the most energy-efficient tablets on the market with battery life in excess of ten hours, but if you’re on a long journey or don’t feel like charging every night here are a few Tips to Improve iPad Battery Life.

Disable mobile data, Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi

Disable mobile data, Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi

The iPad comes equipped with a raft of additional communication features which provide all kinds of useful functionality, but as handy as these extras are they’re also responsible for consuming a huge amount of battery power.

Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, and mobile data are all prime culprits when your battery runs dry sooner than expected so to make it last longer you should keep these disabled as often as possible to Improve iPad Battery Life.

GPS is not required unless you need to use a mapping or navigation tool. Even then, apps such as Foursquare do not necessarily need GPS in order to function and can instead use cell towers. Bluetooth too does not need to be on unless you have some kind of BT peripheral, otherwise, it’s just wasting energy.

3G and Wi-Fi are trickier as the iPad needs data for so many apps and tasks, but if you get into the habit of enabling Airplane Mode whenever you’re doing something which does not require the internet – reading an ebook or watching a video for example – you will notice a significant increase in battery life.

It’s also a good idea to grab an offline reader such as Instapaper. These download websites for reading later on so you can have it store a bunch of articles while charging then view them later without having to use your data link.

Lower screen brightness

Lower screen brightness

The iPad boasts an awesome display but as with any tablet, the screen is the biggest power draw and a simple way to Improve iPad Battery Life by lowering the brightness. Go into settings > brightness and use the slider to adjust the screen.

Auto-brightness will automatically set the screen to an appropriate level for the ambient light conditions, but you can go for full manual control as well.

On a similar note, you should lower the auto-lock function so the screen times out quicker when not in use, reducing energy wastage. Head into settings > general to adjust the auto-lock timer.

Disable push email and adjust fetch settings

By default, the iPad will use push email to receive messages as soon as they’re sent, but this method uses a lot more battery power. Unless you absolutely must have your emails the moment they’re sent then switch off push and switching to ‘fetch’ will help conserve battery life.

Head to settings > mail, contacts, calendars, and fetch new data. Disable ‘push’ and change the fetch settings to tell the iPad how frequently you want it to look for new emails, IMs, and other information. To get the most out of the battery set it to manual.

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