Ronin S vs Crane v2 – Which one should You buy

Hey, guys, Coming to you from a condo two point oh, here at Soni’s event in, I was really hoping to see the A7 s three, but that is not going to happen.

Unfortunately, I am once again disappointed. And right now I’m headed over to check out the Ronan S.. So I was not in maybe this year, unfortunately, but they are having a setup here. They’re going to show it off. Hopefully, I’ll get the test and see how it compares to my favorite gambol. The Tzion Crane.

Everyone says they want a smaller lighter for the muralists. Yes, that’s what was taken. Right. He asked for. So spend a little while shooting with the Ronan and.

And I have to say, this thing is a beast, not only the build quality but the weight of this system. So I thought it was going to compare more closely to my crane V2. But this is basically more like a crane two and maybe even a little bit larger and heavier.

With that said, it feels super solid in the capabilities of this compared to my crane, which I’ll grab over here, is it’s much more capable, not only in the strength of the motors, the amount of weight that you can balance on the system, which is more important really, than motor strength, the ability you have different accessories hooked up, the sport mode, holding down the arm.

And this thing just follows anything you want on the fly.

You let go and now you’re back to your smooth shots holding on to this trigger and then just being able to lock off the shot. And then, Orson, you let go. Now you’re doing your regular smooth shots. That is really, really cool to have. Were on the crane V2.

I have to switch my modes so I can switch my mode, have it be locked off switch, have it follows or switch over to like it’s a different profile. Have a sport mode where with this guy on the fly, I could just do these crazy shots. Let me move this down a little bit.

That’s cool. And then hold on to the trigger and then now, Alison, I am just locked off here.

So along with the larger size, the motors are super powerful. They’re saying that the motors are about twice as powerful as on their Ronan M or C 200, even one F S5. This thing will handle it, whereas of course, the Crane V2 does not.

So I do like having this symbol, even though I have Gimbel’s that kandal more weight.

This is what I use most of the time, which is why I’m comparing these to seeing what it’s going to be like moving over to something like this. With this, I typically use a mirrorless camera with a prime lens. Keep it small light so I can just shoot for a very long time.

Nugget’s height pulling this thing. I’m already kind of getting tired, so I’m going to be building more muscle using a system like this. But it’s definitely, definitely much more capable.

They have a mode called infinite mode, which you don’t get with this, where you can actually roll the camera and get some really, really sweet shots. So I’m looking forward to checking that out. Basically, if you’re trying to choose between the two and that’s why watching this article, not just for fun, if you shoot a small camera, light camera, light lenses.

I think this is going to be more of your go-to. And if you’re coming from a Two-Handed Gimbel, like the Ronin M or some other system, but you want the conveniences of Single-handed Gilmore being able to hold it closer to your body, being able to see the screen, which you cannot with a crane Gimbels and just being small, light and not having to hold something out in front of you and away from you.

This thing is going to do the job. So deejay’s, holding it back a little bit. It should be launching ginning of June, actually.

They wanted to get the software right, which I applaud them for doing that.

A lot of companies just push something out onto the market because they have deadlines and then they have issues and firmware updates and all that stuff. So thank you, T.J. I’m looking forward to picking one of these up and doing a longer-term review.

But for now, if you want to move down into a single hand, Gimbel with a larger camera system or maybe some type of camera system, but using these GMAC lenses, this is definitely your go-to over a crane V2.

And honestly, with a price point of this system, firer choosing between the crane to not the V2, I would choose this guy right here as far as price points.

They’re saying under a hundred for sure, maybe under 700, but they’re still trying to figure that out. You’re gonna have a wireless far follow focused system with a motor that attaches for under 200.

So if you have manual lenses, you’re gonna be able to control those.

And they have this false focus system that does not work with the Sony cameras. They have a little display unit. They can change all your settings.

There’s a lot of stuff that they’re putting out and they have plans for more accessories as well. So overall, I’m really liking this thing. I knew I would like it other than the wait. Who knows? They might make a run. I don’t know. Something lighter and smaller.

I think that would be great, because if you’re shooting, let’s say, in a sixty-five hundred and a few prime lenses or even the smaller lighter it zooms.

This thing is really overkilled. You’re really gonna be putting a strain on yourself. It is unnecessary. But for the more pro-market, the guys are shooting with larger systems. This thing is excellent and it’s a quality-wise in capability-wise.

It does take a step over what Crean is doing, even with the crane to if. Yes, I have any questions you guys can ask in the comment section below.

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