Small Things That Will Boost Your SEO

Everyone wants to improve the ranking of their website in search engines, and this is the only way you can enhance your worth and business profit. That is why there is a lot of buzz regarding SEO these days. The competition is very stiff and you need to make your website more visible and prominent. This can be done by Boost Your SEO techniques and following the guidelines and algorithms of search engines.

Google Algorithm

search engines

When you talk about search engines, the first name that pops up in your mind is Google. So you should strictly follow the Google guidelines and avoid the black hat SEO techniques, otherwise, there are chances of the website getting banned/penalized. On-page optimization is as important and on-page optimization. I am going to tell you about few things that you should focus on.

Keep an eye on the Google algorithm and accordingly make changes to your SEO. Google sends out signals for its requirements and ensures ongoing improvement to make the search more trustworthy.

Attractive Writing

You need to be patient as the ranking does not improve overnight. Write attractive and comprehensive on-page content and the keywords should not be overflowing. This practice gives your webpage an unnatural look. SEO experts suggest keeping the keywords below 5%.  Remember that Google hates duplicate content.

Craft a smart title, body text, and description. There shouldn’t be any hidden links/texts as the search engine crawler can easily pick them. As it is a black hat technique, it can adversely affect your rating.

internal links

internal links

Make good internal links and make sure that none of the links is broken. Devise a sitemap for your website so that the users can save more time and quickly move onto their desired location. In this way, the end-users and the search engine would surely rank your website higher. Break up the sitemap into multiple pages if the links exceed 100.

Press Releases

Create natural links. Share useful information through press releases and articles. Others will re-share this content, and your links would improve. You need to stay fresh in SEO and build a social media presence.

Guest blogs Post

Guest blogs are a smart approach that can give quality links and is a white hat technique. Post the blogs to the sites and categories that are relevant to your industry. Guest posts in a high-rank site would certainly boost your website rating.  So this would benefit your organization’s website in long run.


Make your site more user-friendly and provide instant access to the desired information through internal linking and customized searching. In this way, the end-users would spend more time on the webpage, thus reducing the bounce rate. As a result, Google gives your site a good rating. Another benefit is the greater conversion rate of visitors into customers.

Page Rank

Good PR also creates a positive impression of Boost Your SEO. A well-written content encourages the press-release and guest-post sites to give a quality link to your webpage.

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