7 Blog Resolutions To Make This Valentine Day

You know, how fast is the first month of this year goes.. just as a cycle goes in front of our eyes, I still can’t find what I do next Valentine Day in my blog..!! New Year’s resolution went now!

What I think, let’s make some resolution in this Valentine Day! It’s an epic way to start our work as our Resolution.

Valentine Day

I always write what I know or what I will get to know about that product or write as my experience, but now from today, I will read almost 8-10 articles based on what I try to write in my content.

It will help me to know about the different experiences of other people also. Let, I am going to write my next post about “Free & Paid Popups”

Take Time for Analysis my content what i need to Write

If I write only the popups that I use in my blog and just show that you will get this these features and this will be your price; then what is the reason to write this article without any CONS!!

I personally think if there are no cons or we can’t face any problems that why not this plugin is more popular than others..??

Like, there is tons of free popup there in WordPress Plugin Store, but only 5-8 popup plugins are useable and working with any conditions!

So, now here I will analyze and use all the products that I want to write about them for my Readers.

Please Don’t care about traffic… Maintain your blog Quality!

The fact is, After reading some blogs I realized that

Every blog post is more important for one person who gets satisfaction after reading your content is more important than 100 people scrolling the content without reading the content.

Write Minimum 4 Post per Month

I decide that Why I write 2-3 posts per week without knowing about the topic..??

I will improve my writing skills by analyzing the content and A/B testing… I want to find the voice that my readers want to know and learn.

The main fact is I want to write a post that is powered by at least 2500 words which contained all steps that we want to know, And I also suggest writing a post that contains more than 2500 words.. the reason you know very well

Spend More Time To Research

After nearly 5 months of blogging, I came to know that frequently editing old content and making them new is more important the writing new content!

My plan is Analysis all my old content.. nearly 30 contents and take time to find out How can I improve them.? Read other experiences, other faults that they do, and how they correct them.

Share Contents in Social Media

You know about social media, How it is aggressive nowadays…

I think I just post 3-4 posts on social media, not others. I don’t get enough time for that. As a student and being a mobile internet connection in 2G, you know what is the condition.

So, now from this post, I will make a plan that how I will post on social media. Actually, I will give a short description in my previous post also.

I think I will First post my published content on different social media with the help of Jetpack Publicized, the resounded and post different social media with the help of Buffer, Hootsuite, and viral tag.

Follow the Bloggers

Actually when I start and now I just follow a maximum of 5 bloggers on social media.

Actually the idea I get,

When I get a reader with some blog, I also find him on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Because these are two platforms where they write and talk about the work frequently.

By following them I will know different stuff like:

  • New Product they use
  • New Post they Publish
  • Which post they like and Comment
  • Which post they share
  • What is their recommendations and much more..

Find Different ways for Eye Catching Images

Images are the most and best way to say what you want indirectly!

What I saw, the new trend is to see some particular post like 3-4 posts that actually matter then apply or stick with the old trend like show 6-7 old posts named as Random posts!

Monetize Blog

By The way, I am just a newbie here. I don’t know how to monetize my blog still. But I want to start from ZERO.

My plan is to start with Google Adsense, then learn Affiliate Marketing and apply it to my blog. If you already know about Google Adsense the Learn more and more about Affiliate Marketing.

I suggest that you should not learn from their Where we know; learn from there where no one knows!

Final word

This is my tiny suggestion to all my readers that analyze your content before you publish them Valentine Day

After publish take at least one week to Share them.


Every post have unique identity on internet!

After publishing and sharing them.. take some time to research again the same post and find out what we forget to mention on the post that will help the readers to know more.

Did I leave anything..?? Please comment and share with me… happy valentines day

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