Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms

it’s actually rare to have a vitamin b12 deficiency because our intestines absorb and recycles vitamin b12 unless you’re a vegan, you probably need supplementation or fortified food products, but if you’re transitioning into a vegan it could actually take several years to develop a deficiency because of the recycling process  

the recommended daily intake per day for adults  is 2.4 milligrams and there is no upper limit, so if you see some energy drinks having about a thousand percent vitamin b12 is because it’s water-soluble you can pee it right out and there are no adverse effects, some of the symptoms of having a deficiency could include fatigue anemia sore tongue loss of appetite or constipation  

if it’s a mild deficiency it could impair performance on intelligence tests spatial abilities and short-term memory, if it’s severe there would be paralysis from the extremities working itself inward to the spine, some of the functions of vitamin b12 are that it removes  

the methyl group to activate folate coenzymes which are needed for the synthesis of DNA and RNA, nerve fibers it promotes normal growth and bone cell activity and metabolism  

you can get this in your food sources such as meat or fortified soy or yeast is grown on a b12 medium, but b12 is heat-sensitive, so microwaving food can actually inactivate vitamin b12, so cook on a stovetop or an oven instead, just to protect vitamin b12.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is B12 a vitamin or a mineral?

B12 is a vitamin.

Is b12 bad for you?

Vitamin b12 is healthy for you.

Which fruits and vegetables have vitamin b12?

There are no fruits or vegetables that have vitamin b12. Vitamin B12 is obtained from meat, dairy and fish.

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