What to do if Your Baby Has Fever?

If your baby is unwell and has a fever, it can be very worrying. If you think your baby has a fever, there are six key things to look for: Early on: You might notice a high temperature – above 37°C,

they may have pale skin they may feel cold, with goose pimples, shivering and chattering teeth. Then, later you might notice hot, flushed skin and sweating, a headache, and general aches and pains.

Take your baby’s temperature using a thermometer. If it’s above 37°C, it’s a fever.

Help make them comfortable and don’t overdress them or remove too many clothes. Don’t cool them down so much that you’re making them shiver. Give them regular drinks.

If they are breastfed, feed them regularly. And you can offer them water to drink. This will help to keep them hydrated and replace any fluid they may lose from sweating.

If your baby is distressed, you can give them the recommended dose of paracetamol.

Remember, always check the information on the container and don’t give aspirin-based medicine to anybody under 16.

Check your baby frequently, including during the night. If you’re worried about their condition, they have a seizure or fit then call 999 or 112

A temperature above 38°C is unusual under 3 months or over 39 C above 3 months,

call for a doctor or NHS direct for advice.

If they seem to be getting worse then call 999 or 112 for an ambulance and be prepared to treat them for a seizure.

Check their temperature and keep them cool, Give them plenty of fluids, If their temperature’s over 38°C for a baby under 3 months or above 39°C in a baby over 3 months, get medical advice.

If they’re getting worse, call 999 or 112

And that’s how you treat a baby with a fever.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you have to do when a baby gets a high fever?

get the baby to the doctor.

Is it bad to have baby fever?


What is too high of a fever?

A fever is too high if it gets over 103. This can vary greatly depending on the person, though. For a baby, anything over 101 is too high.

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